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Welcome to Roberto Scubla farm, where quality is mistress of the house, because each choice is edit at the minimum details, in the sign of respect to the most antique oenological tradition with innovative ideas.

Here, each aspect of production of a wine it’s like a piece of a mosaic: a particular which, with others, contribute to realize an harmonic and elegant design in wines able to get also the most demanding palates.

Each piece of this “mosaic” must go in its proper place, starting from the meticulous pruning in the vineyards, followed by the most attentive care given to the wine rows, the careful choice of the harvested period to the subsequent wine-making processes with close attention given to the evolving juices undergoing fermentation: only in this way the composite picture will not lack the details that the eye, and the discriminating palate, can discern in its harmonious whole.