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The farm

The Roberto Scubla farm was formed in 1991 by combining some existing old vineyards to which new plantings were added, bringing the total grope growing area to about twelve hectares spread over the slopes of a gentle, sun – drenched hill in the southern part of the “Colli Orientali” region, zone particularly vocated to great wines with special harmonies of fragrances and flavours.

The limited production permits a great care of grapes harvested by hand and wines; this has made possible that during last years the most important wine books have been very generous assigning optimal valuation and sometimes the best ones to some wines. 

Since 2006 Roberto Scubla farm is an honorary member of the most exclusive wine producing companies club: the Committee of the Grandi Cru of Italy.
The members, big and small firms, have been selected using rigid qualitative criteria with the purpose to guarantee that in time they had a great degree of reliability in producing high-level wines.
The web site is:

This is a spur to try to improve with new experiences, mainly taking care vineyards which product is the real basis for a good elaboration of the fruit value and, therefore, of the wine. 

The slogan coined in 2009, with reference in particular to Verduzzo Cràtis, but yet valid for other wines and maybe it will be again (we hope that!):

             WITH 5 GRAPES  I DO 3 GLASSES
            (Duemilavini A.I.S.)  (Gambero Rosso)

                    AND I SAW 3 STARS
                           (C.C.I.A.A. FVG)