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The Wines

The production of Roberto Scubla, with an average of 60.000 bottles per year is divided among white wines (65%), red wines (30%) and the sweet Verduzzo "Cràtis" (5%). After the new plantings the red wine share will increase, although it will not become predominant.

The work and the study are based on the research of traits of elegance and finesse, both for the white and red wines. For the formers the choice falls in the development in temperature controlled steel vats to give the whites the maximum typicality and the fruity expression of the grapes; for the latter ones the ageing in wood is measured out to respect the supremacy of the wine. The blends, a true one in the case of the Pomédes Bianco and two musts for the Rosso Scuro, follow the precise project that originated them.