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History of the Names

The “Bianco Pomèdes” is ideally born and its name derived from the name of a locality in the Tofane, above Cortina d’Ampezzo where, my friend and advisor Gianni Menotti and I were caught by a snowstorm while skiing and, once restored in the Rifugio Pomèdes, we laid the basis for this blend that made of its originality its characteristic feature. Very mature grapes, the Riesling grapes even more, ferment in wooden barrels, expressing their big complexity.
The Verduzzo Friulano “Cràtis”,Latin translation of wooden boxes, because of some registration events, its name deriving from its being exposed in these boxes of old history; this wine is born from a grape once considered poor that was vinified in a similar way by the farmers who used the wooden boxes for the breeding of silkworms. When these were brought to the drying kiln, it was time for the harvest of the last grapes: the Verduzzo.
I radicalized this tradition, bringing the grape drying to a very high concentration level, counting on the fact that these white grapes are one of the most tannic. Therefore the tannin, concentrating together with sugar, sustains them. The grape drying is all natural as on the top of the hill, under the roofing turned to north-east, the Bora comes, a cold and dry wind that achieves this result in three months time. The 18 litres/quintal ferment in wooden barrels and they refine there for two years. 
The name “Rosso Scuro” (Dark Red) is not only a wish for an inscrutable colour, given by the choice of the best Merlot and Refosco parcels, but also a game using the initials of Scubla Roberto, as if it were a signature of an important red wine.
The name “Bianco Speziale” is a gift to the other family business, namely my wife’s Farmacy. The ancient apothecary, using different drugs, made a medicine, while I, combining different grapes, create a new wine.