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Riesling Dried Grapes

Riesling renano dried grapes

Riesling Dried Grapes IGT Friuli

I.G.T. Friuli

100& Rhine Riesling

Position and vineyards
Marly hilly soil: vineyards situated on East and South facing hillsides. Vines trained with modified double arched cane system; 4,000 vines per hectare.

Manual, toward end September; 60-65

The bunches, in perfect condition, are left on straw mats under Northeast facinh roof, from which direction the Bora wind, dry and cold, blows from October to December. The grapes dry naturally and reduce the yield to 18 litres per quintal. Before Christmas the grapes are pressed and a dense must is obtained and left to ferment in steel. Fermentation and its subsequent arrest after about one month to preserve the natural sugar residues are achieved through a system unique to this producer involving heating and cooling of the barriques. This mean that the must/wine is not decanted.

Alcohol content
12.5-13 g/l /sugar residues 170-190 g/l)

7.5-8.5 g/l

Organoleptic properties
Dark golden yellow, aromas of ananas, peach, ginger: wrapping tasting woof, sweet, spiced and mineral.

Best served with
Excite pastries and jellies with exotic fruits.

Medium annual production
500 bottles (0.375 l)