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There is a project that involves me and of which I am particularly proud.

                  the New Project Exquisite - Barrique.

It is a St.Patrignano initiative, promoted by Letizia Moratti, who will be on tour in the U.S., from May to July 2013, in most cities and in prestigious locations, a combination of design and italian wine. The design is represented by furniture and by decorative articles made of slats from used barriques proposed by major Italian designers from Pininfarina to Thun, from Missoni to......, while the wines, one for each region of Italy, were chosen by AIS, personally by the owner of Bibenda 2000vini, Franco Maria Ricci. My company represents Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and this is a maximum of pride for me, and it is a further step of my journey in the quality of the wine.